M2 series - BT 5.0

The Atmosic M2 Series solutions are Bluetooth® 5 standard-compliant and enhanced with Atmosic's Lowest Power Radio and On-demand Wake Up technologies to provide 10 to 100 times lower power.

The ATM2201 and ATM2221 is part of a family of extremelow-power Bluetooth® 5 system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions. This Bluetooth Low Energy SoC integrates a Bluetooth 5 radio with an ARM® Cortex® M0 processor and state-of-the-art power management to enable maximum lifetime in battery operated devices.

The extremely low power ATM2 series SoC is designed with an extensive set of peripherals and flexible I/O to support a wide variety of applications across the consumer, commercial, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) markets. The M2 Series offers flash and non-flash options. The ATM2 series is available in a 40 pin QFN package (ATM2201) or 64 pin DR-QFN package (ATM2221) supporting additional I/O pins.

The M2 series are suitable for a broad array of applications such as:
Industrial and EnterpriseBeacons, Remote Sensors, Environmental Monitors
HealthcareAsset Trackers, Locationing, Wearables
HomeHome Automation, Remote Control, Human Interface Devices (HID ), Entertainment
Smart CitiesAsset Trackers, Beacons
PersonalGaming, Wearables
AutoKey fobs and Accessories, Infotainment
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